Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – General Zod’s Body Creation Process

by Antonio Jose Chavez
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ADI has shared a video with the complete process they had to go through in order to replicate General Zod’s body for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Honestly I thought it was Michael Shannon acting as a dead Zod during the film. The replica is very realistic in nature with heavy attention to detail.

The life-size replica was built using a full body-cast of the late fitness model/actor, Greg Plitt, along with Michael Shannon’s facial characteristics.

For the blockbuster BATMAN VS SUPERMAN, ADI created two ultra-realistic replicas of the deceased General Zod that would withstand close scrutiny by a camera lense. Fitness trainer Greg Plitt came to ADI for us to lifecast his body from the neck down while our colleague Barney Burman loaned us a headcast of actor Michael Shannon. Once the Shannon headcast was copied both the head and body were run in silicone with a polyfoam fill to make them solid. Zod body silicone runs and seaming: Tony Matijevich, Brian Clawson, and Tim Leach. Hair: Denise Baer. Paint: Mike Larrabee.

What do you think of the replica? Were you also part of the audience that thought it was really Michael Shannon?

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