Review: Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion #4

by Antonio Jose Chavez
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Green Lantern Corps - Edge of Oblivion


First off, this is my first time reviewing this series. Needless to say, this is what I feel Green Lanterns should stand for: an army of beings from all corners of the universe, leaving aside their differences, fighting against all odds, willing to sacrifice their lives for other beings they don’t even know, just because it is the right thing to do. That is exactly what the team is doing in this book and it feels right.

Solicit Synopsis

Can Guy Gardner’s strike team fight back against the cruel Marniel and her zealots? Or will they be overwhelmed and imprisoned? You won’t want to miss what happens when Guy Gardner ends up in chains!

The Green Lantern Corps. are at the edge of existence, literally, and despite their knowledge about the fact that the universe they are in now will cease to exist, so that the universe we live in can rise, they are still fighting the good fight.

1 ring? Why not five?

After last issue’s encounter with Marniel, a small group of lanterns led by Killowog are imprisoned. Though not everything is as it seems, thanks to the team’s empath, we discover Marniel is not the threat. The lanterns discover Ausras and Dismas are the true villains – not guardians, but monsters, however it’s too late. Which is good. Why you would ask? If the team was not late to discover the truth, there would be no tension left on the conflict.

Marniel gives the lanterns their rings back in order to let them help stop the world-eaters Ausras and Dismas. Unexpectedly, after freeing the lanterns, Guy flees, attempting to warn Ausras about the uprising but is stopped by the rest of the lanterns. Seems Ausras got to his mind. Which is exactly what she did with John and the rest of the lanterns on their end. This places the pieces for a match of Green Lanterns vs Green Lanterns.

The plot took an unexpected turn. Marniel’s extremist actions in the first issues, which made her look like a terrorist and zealot, really placed her as the antagonist before, but now we know better, don’t we?


The story has been done well so far, but the art, the art is the centerpiece here. Marniel’s use of the ring would give any Sinestro Corps a run for its money. She states her kind mastered the light long ago and she demonstrates that on the attached panel. She is using 5 green lantern rings at the same time.


The fact that this is a miniseries, does not give me confidence at all. The story is great, really a Green Lantern material. But it doesn’t matter what the story is if there is no overall impact to the DC Universe, at least impact to the GL mythos.


A dark and action packed story. Wonderful and detailed art, really engaging the horror of the scenes that include so. But the impact of the storyline may just end in two issues which I hope does not happen. This story needs to have the ramifications carried to other lantern books.


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