Review: Superman: Lois and Clark #7

by Matthew Lloyd
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Superman: Lois and Clark #7. Dan Jurgens- Writer, Lee Weeks & Stephen Segovia- Pencillers, Scott Hanna, Art Thibert & Jay Leisten- Inkers, Jeromy Cox- Colorist.

There’s a moment in everyone’s life when you have to tell someone something that you really don’t want to have to tell. But, it’s necessary. It’s usually just as necessary for them as for you, or perhaps even more necessary for them. This is the case with Lois and Clark in Superman: Lois and Clark #7. Unfortunately, the day they’ve dreaded has snuck up on them and taken them by surprise.

Lois and CLark 7 flashback

The issue begins a brief flashback as Lois and Clark quietly discuss the possibility of Jon figuring out their identities on his own and whether or not he has any super powers. This leads directly to the present in which Lois and Jon are still trapped in that burning building. As suggested last issue, Jon has manifested some super powers and is able to open the hot metal door handle and get them out.

Lois and Clark 7 escape

Meanwhile, Clark is finishing off the reality T.V. Show participant, Blackrock on the Roosevelt Bridge. He puts an end to his marauding and is disgusted to find out that the whole thing was a T.V. stunt. Back at the shack, Lois and Jon are faced with more Intergang thugs who are about to gun them down. Clark arrives just in time for a Super-save and fast trip back home.

Lois and Clark 7 Hyathis

On the other side of the world Hyathis is shaking down Henshaw for the whereabouts of the Oblivion Stone. He gives it up after a brief struggle. Apparently, what he had was only half of the stone.

Lois and Clark 7 good bye blackrock

The real emotional part of the story comes at the end when Lois and Clark have to explain themselves to a distraught Jon. It doesn’t go easily for the Super-couple, but Jon is young enough that he comes around to see the cool thing about being the son of a Superman. Oh, and the other half of the Oblivion Stone? It’s in the Fortress of Solitude!

Lois and CLark 7 super save


This series has teased the reveal moment since issue one. It’s been Lois and Clark’s fear and our excitement. Jurgens uses it to humanize Superman. More than ever we see that Superman is not perfect. He’s fallible and when it comes to parenting, all parents face things they’ve never done, and Superman is no different. Additionally, the expanding role of Lois and Clark as parents seems to hit a new level. They seem to realize that with Jon discovering his powers he will gain a certain amount of independence that other children his age won’t have.

lois and Clark 7 jon upset


I’m not sure how long this series was originally planned to run, but if next issue is the last issue, it seems like it’s going to wrap up a bit quickly. I suppose one shouldn’t complain about this, but it seems like it might be difficult to wrap up the Hyathis/ Oblivion Stone storyline in single. However, this might be a stealth prologue to DC Universe: Rebirth after all.

lois and clark 7 oblivion stone


Once again, the team has done a very nice job conveying the humanity of Superman and managed to focus on the character elements while telling the action side of a Superman story as well. This Super-family seems to be the future of the Superman franchise, so you might want to check it out.


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