Review: Batman Beyond #12 (2015)

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After the events of Futures End left Tim Drake in the future and taking over the role of Batman from Terry McGinnis, he is slowly adjusting. Batman Beyond #12 opens with a glimpse of the past showing us Bruce yelling at Terry for looking at old files on the Batcomputer. Terry is looking into Red Robin and it sets Bruce off. Commissioner Barbara Gordon explains that Red Robin is a sore spot for Bruce because one day long ago he just disappeared and no one, not even Batman could find him. Likely, the result of Tim’s traveling to the future in Future’s End.


Dc Comics News Rewire Batman Beyond


Tim seems to be having a slow night when he is alerted of a break in by Gordon and he heads out to stop the culprit. He finds Rewire going after what appears to be large batteries. After a quick tussle Tim finds himself unable to use the Batsuit and plummeting into the bottom of Gotham River. On a near by roof top Rewire meets with a figure in the shadows who is happy with the turn of event. What is coming Tim’s way? How did Rewire get the upper hand? And who is helping him?


The Good

Being a fan of the Batman Beyond Animated Tv series, the art style of the comics is awesome. It is similar and edgy while being more flushed out and detailed.

The Bad

The story of the coming issue seems pretty easy to guess and straight forward. They go so far as to comment on how Tim Drake is the new Jason Todd, a missing/dead Robin. This issue feels like padding or buffer to set up a coming story instead of a story in itself.


Overall, an okay read, it’s a short issue and easy to understand. Let’s just hope the coming story isn’t a rewash of old batman arcs.


Konrad Secord-Reitz

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