Review: Black Canary #11

by Sean Blumenshine
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This review contains spoilers.

Black Canary #11 is written by Brenden Fletcher with art by Sandy Jarrell, some inks by Wayne Faucher and colors by Lee Loughridge.



Dinah Lance joined a ninja death cult in Berlin in an attempt to find out what happened to her mother. The cult really just wanted Dinah to teach them a martial arts move that her mom knew. She escaped and returned to Gotham. However, her band was tricked into traveling to Berlin for a concert. Batgirl and Black Canary discovered that the latter’s parents worked undercover for a musician named Issak Orato. Soon after, her father was dead and her mother went missing. Dinah discovered that her band was in Berlin for a concert that was in a club owned by Orato.


Dinah arrives to discover her band hypnotized to play for Orato. He quickly hypnotizes her too but Ditto is able to break it. A fight breaks out which Vixen arrives to help with. It turns out Orato is some kind of vampire that Dinah’s mom was able to defeat with her special move, the Five Heavens Palm. It broke Orato and he wants Dinah to use it to heal him. The issue ends with the woman claiming to be Dinah’s aunt stabbing Black Canary with a sword seemingly killing her.


I find it interesting that there is a parallel between the ending of this and Green Arrow #51. Both end with the two heroes being stabbed with a sword. It’s neat that their stories are starting to line up in a way.

The art is fantastic. Loughridge’s colors and Jarrell’s backgrounds and panel layouts are some of the most unique pieces of art in comics. Every panel is wonderful to look at.

I like how much of a horror vibe this comic has. Orato is sufficiently creepy and Loughridge’s colors help set the mood.


Orato needs a little more explaining. He definitely seems to be a vampire but it is unclear what exactly the Five Heavens Palm is or how it can fix him. And when he says he is broken, what does that mean? It’s a little too vague in certain parts but the next issue could easily answer my questions.



This is a very strong issue. The action is fun, the mood is creepy and it’s simply a fun read. If books tend to be mainly action, it’s a little less enjoyable than others for me. It’s still fun but it is mainly a big action scene. Despite that, I definitely recommend it.




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