Review: Green Arrow #52

by Sean Blumenshine
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This review contains spoilers.

Green Arrow #52 is written by Benjamin Percy with art by Szymon Kudranski and colors by Gabe Eltaeb.



The Lukos Disease spread across Seattle and turned several citizens into werewolf creatures called Wargs including Oliver Queen. A hate mob of vigilantes formed to kill the Wargs; they call themselves the Patriots. Ollie discovered that there was a man named Doctor Miracle whose blood can cure any injury or disease. However, Deathstroke had been hired to kidnap Doctor Miracle for an ancient man trying to prolong his life even further. Green Arrow and Deathstroke confronted each other which resulted in Deathstroke stabbing Green Arrow seemingly killing him.


The blade that Deathstroke used on Green Arrow actually had Doctor Miracle’s blood on it. Thus, the wound is immediately healed and Ollie is cured of the Lukos disease. But Deathstroke was able to escape with Doctor Miracle. Meanwhile, a battle breaks out in Seattle between the Wargs and the Patriots. Deathstroke delivers Doctor Miracle to the ancient man but Green Arrow isn’t far behind. Oliver is able to save Doctor Miracle and he stops the battle in order to give the cure. The leader of the Wargs kills the leader of the Patriots and Oliver lets him leave without the cure.


The art and colors are really strong. The imagery is creepy and horrifying when it needs to be. This issue actually has some intensity to it mainly thanks to the art.

Emiko gets a lot of good dialogue. I like that she constantly questions Oliver but never in a bratty or obnoxious way. She makes legitimate points and is probably the best partner Green Arrow has ever had. She’s very much Damian Wayne done right. She’s just a fun presence and I hope she sticks around once Rebirth happens.


Oliver’s pretentious narration is still a thing and it still irritates me.

I hate that Oliver just lets the leader of the Wargs go. I understand that the leader of the Patriots was a monster but it doesn’t make the leader of the Wargs more sympathetic. He’s still a psychopathic killer that Oliver needed to stop. He’s just going to kill and infect more people. It’s a ridiculous ending.



This is probably the best issue since Percy’s first story ended. Everything after that has been fairly dull and mediocre. This issue is actually a decent read. It’s not great but it is interesting and worth a read. I recommend it.



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