Laurel Lance Resurrected?! Plus Captain Cold Is Dead

by Brandon Richardson
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DC All Access just dropped a bomb on us today along with a couple of spoilers and heads up on what is to come in The Flash, Arrow, and a preview of what is to come since Captain Cold is dead in Legends of Tomorrow. Detective Lance has to give the bad news when Sarah Lance goes to see her dad. Hector Navarro does a sneak peek re-enactment in the video about this scene and while he may need some acting lessons it is still pretty amazing to imagine how the scene will really go down.

The video has a lot of information and news that is super packed into it. He talks about how Flash comes back from the dead, and how Laurel Lance has come back to life. Hector gets a little emotional about this episode of The Flash. However, I don’t think they were real tears since he bounced back rather quickly when he starts talking about the Arrow’s episode for this week.

So without further ado here is the video that gives you all of goodies with The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow!

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