Review: Batman Rebirth #1

by Damian Fasciani
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It’s finally here DC fans. Batman: Rebirth #1 hit the shelves both in comic book stores and digitally and I’ve been trying to ensure I keep my expectations some what balanced. Set over a period of five days, our introduction takes us outside Wayne Manor with Alfred keeping himself busy within the estate gardens.

An initial knock at the door of Bruce’s mansion will play out to be become a critical part to the overall story beyond #1. That knock at the door is from Duke Thomas (who is from the book We are Robin). Duke goes to see Bruce Wayne to discuss the offer made to help out the Batman, on a more permanent basis. Bruce Wayne is determined to start a new chapter, with a new partner.


The story sets the foundations nicely, reestablishing the importance of the relationship between Bruce Wayne and Lucius fox and the traits that make that relationship so practical. The character of Bruce Wayne has evolved, we clearly see a defiant and extremely confident man who knows what he wants. Wayne is stronger, mentally sharper, and seems to have set a very clear path in mind as to what he wants to achieve. I like this, it brings the character back to his roots and reminds you as a Batman fan why we love this character so much.

The foundation of the first issue is very much about setting up the core characters, but throughout we get to see the detective side of Batman early as he tracks this book’s villain, Julian Gregory Day, aka Calendar Man. The persona of Julian Gregory Day is extremely dark, and to a certain extent sinister, a villain that ages and evolves within the seasons of a “calendar year.” Batman, in true detective fashion kicks off a search to find the dark villain and involves Duke in the process. 

Another welcoming change to the book is the look and design of Batman’s suit. Enough change to notice Batman’s evolution, but not too much to wonder “why the change?”. The outline and of the Bat symbol on Bruce’s chest draws your attention first, and then it’s his sheer size in the suit that is reminiscent of Ben Affleck’s recent portrayal as the Dark Knight.

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Not much at all, the book establishes a pace and tone that I expected, it has been a while that I’ve put down a comic book that has been so pleasing to read.


This launch title is beautifully articulated with its artwork, colour schemes, & story that leaves you wanting more. A brilliant start for the Batman story arc in the Rebirth series. The creation of the Batcave creatively felt like an immersive experience, naturally leading your eyes across the page to enjoy the traditional artefacts and overall structure. well done DC!


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