Michael Turner provides variant covers for DC Comics, is still dead?

by J. Brent Stewart
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Popular illustrator of really skinny superheroes returns from grave?

In a move that is definitely cool, and not at all ghoulish and mercenary, Aspen Studios and DC Comics are teaming up to provide a new series of Michael Turner drawn variant covers for DC’s newly “reborn” stable of long underwear comix.

The enormously popular artist came to prominence with Top Cow titles Witchblade and Fathom, and also enjoyed a successful stint with DC, illustrating the Superman/Batman arc which introduced a new Supergirl.

He has also been dead since 2008.

The series of variants (available in sketch and full color flavors) kicks off with Batman #1, available for pre-order today, if you’re into such things. Hey, I’m not judging.



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