West and Ward to reteam as Batman and Robin?

by J. Brent Stewart
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Are the Dynamic Duo of the swingin’ 60’s preparing to Batusi into our hearts and homes once again?

For a significant chunk of Batfans, there truly are only ONE Batman and Robin: Adam West and Burt Ward.

And with the legal rights to the 1960’s Batman television program finally being cleared up, we not only now have the original series on Blu Ray in all of its technicolor glory, we also are virtually drowning in merchandise. For 40 some odd years you couldn’t find an Adam West Batman toy to save your life. Now you can choose from Mattel, Neca, Hot Toys, and many more.

As a result, West and Ward haven’t been so visible in the public eye in a very long time. So with the 50th anniversary of the television show upon us, it makes sense that the pair would be teaming up for something significant.

The hard hitting journalists of…uh…Me TV (they of the hot and cold running reruns of The Rockford Files and Mayberry RFD) filed a report from Megacon 2016 in which they quoted West as saying:

Me and Burt have been working on a new project that’s just gonna knock your socks off, and believe me, it’s our Batman and Robin.

The article goes on to speculate that this may be related to a previously rumored straight-to-DVD DC animation project.  While this news is exciting, this writer is betting that his socks will stay firmly in place, despite West’s threats.

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