DC Universe: The Exhibit to Showcase Suicide Squad

by Julian Bartlett
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DC All Access’ Jason Inman got to partake in a private tour of DC Universe: The Exhibit. The highly qualified tour guide John Kourounis provided an in-depth look at the wide array of DC artifacts at the exhibit. Upon entering the exhibit the eye immediately falls on select comics for each one of Justice League members. Kourounis explains that the center piece represents the cornerstone of DC Comics. Batman, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, and Green Lantern are the first names you think of when DC comes to mind not just because the are fan favorites, but also because of their high stature in the comic book world. After the beautiful comic book shrine the exhibit turns more towards the cinematic aspect of DC. From authentic costumes and props pulled right from the set, DC Universe: The Exhibit is packed with goodies for all to admire.


One of the highlights at the exhibit is Batman V Superman. Multiple batsuits are on display including his armor he donned to take on the Man of Steel. Of course you’ll see the Superman and Wonder Woman costumes but you’ll also get a close up look of Jason Todd’s Robin suit that was hanging in the batcave. There is even a place to slip on gloves and handle a chunk of kryptonite just like Lex Luthor.


The upcoming Suicide Squad film is also highly featured at the new exhibit. Even more costumes and weapons are going to be up close and personal. From Harley Quinn to Deadshot and Amanda Waller, most of the key member of the squad can be seen in all their glory. One of the obvious focal points is the Joker set up with all of his toys. One of the exciting features here is an inside look in Harley Quinn’s cell. You get to really feel like part of the Suicide Squad.

Check out the full video here provided by DC All Access

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