Review: Titans Rebirth #1

by Matthew Lloyd
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Titans: Rebirth #1. Dan Abnett- Writer, Brett Booth- Penciller, Norm Rapmund- Inker, Andrew Dalhouse- Colorist.

If DC Universe: Rebirth was supposed to re-ignite ‘hope’ in the DC Universe, it is nowhere more apparent than in Titans: Rebirth #1. It’s not often that a comic is so much fun, but this book is simply a joy to read for a fan of these characters and for someone who’s missed the dynamic between these characters and the camaraderie in this group of former Teen Titans. Just as the characters felt like something was missing throughout Titans Hunt, many readers felt the same way about the “New 52”. This book adds it back in for the readers as well as the Titans. That something in both cases is Wally West.

Titans Rebirth 1 photo op

Rebirth has not affected all titles in the same way. DC has shown some restraint in not tying every Rebirth issue into a huge company crossover event. In most cases, the Rebirth issues have just set a character in a new direction. So far only The Flash: Rebirth has dealt with any of the implications of the Rebirth special. Count Titans Rebirth in that group now as well.

Titans Rebirth 1 Dick and Wally

The Positive

The story is relatively simple, but what it does it does well and on an emotional level. This issue takes Wally from his appearances in DC Universe: Rebirth and The Flash: Rebirth #1 and continues his story. As he was the guide through the Rebirth special, he is the guide for the Titans as he attempts to get them to remember him and alert them to what has transpired with the missing 10 years.

Titans Rebirth 1 Titans Together

This is a character driven issue, and Abnett is truly able to make us feel the emotions going around the room as Wally is remembered by each Titan. It may sound simple, but Abnett utilizes Wally’s absence as common ground between the reader and the Titans. His return to them is equivalent to his return to DC Universe continuity. The pages practically emit those feelings one gets when reuniting with family or close friends.

The Negative

There’s a lot at stake with the reintroduction of Wally West to the DCU. The implications due to the missing 10 years are huge. From what we learn about the Titans in this issue, there are a couple of problematic issues. Firstly, how does this affect the “New 52” Teen Titans. There’s going to be some serious history to unravel. Secondly, there’s no mention of Kory, Vic, Gar or Raven having operated with this group. While nothing indicates they never did, this could ruffle some fan feathers as that version of the New Teen Titans is the most fondly remembered Teen Titans team of all.

Titans Rebirth 1 Titans Togther 2

The Verdict

This book is both accessible to new readers and exactly what old fans have been wishing for. Additionally, it pushes the mystery of the missing 10 years forward just enough and gives the team a renewed purpose. The Rebirth story line will continue in Titans. It’s only appropriate that Wally spearheads this as the post-Rebirth DCU finds its footing.


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