Review: Batman Rebirth #1

Welcome to Gotham City! Incoming visitors on a passenger plane bound for Gotham experience the harshness of the city when a missile hit the plane! With the plane coming down over Gotham, Batman has to find a way to stop it! Also a new player has introduced themselves to the skies of Gotham–are they friend or foe?

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The Positives

“I Am Gotham” written by Tom King and penciled by David Finch is introduces us to the “rebirth” of Gotham City. David Finch does a great job of showcasing Gotham in all of its awesome darkness and splendor. I love how we have the Bruce Wayne Batman back, and although I enjoyed the story of Gordon as Batman I have to admit–its great seeing the toys and the Batmobile back in action again! King gives us a Batman that’s really back to being grounded and familiar to us all. Here we see the strategist and tactician he is being put on display and I enjoyed it. Even as the plane continues to fall over Gotham we see Batman formulate a dangerous and crazy strategy to stop it. This isn’t Coast City or Metropolis– Superman or Green Lantern aren’t around to just land the plane safely, and as soon as I thought about that concept–King had already answered the question on the next page.

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The Negatives

My only complaint here really is there is no real villain here in this particular book–but that’s not a bad thing though. This seems to be an intro into the world of Gotham and Batman in this Rebirth series and I’m ok with that. The whole issue revolves around Batman attempting to land this plane, and with each page you see the dedication he has with saving lives, even if it means ending his. The arrival of this new and unknown character at the end makes it worth the read though as you have to wonder what his intentions are. Not to spoil too much for you but let’s just say he makes a pretty grand entrance in assisting Batman.


The Verdict

I really thought “I Am Gotham” was a good and interesting read. Although it doesn’t give us a clear villain or threat it still shows that the Batman we grew up with is still here. I’m glad to have Bruce back and King gives a great story that not only shows off Batman’s intelligence but those infamous resources of his as well. If you want a good story that will introduce you to the world of Batman and Gotham– then this is it!


Steven Brown

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