A new start is being made from the ashes of the old world, and someone wants to rule it all! As the heroes of Earth 2 begin to build new lives, and make allies a new enemy stirs and is waiting to make its move. Can the heroes of Earth 2 figure out this new threat before he put his plans in motion?

The Positives

A Whole New World, written by Dan Abnett and penciled by Federico Dallocchio gives us a look into a world trying to rebuild itself after the destruction of Darkseid. In the ashes of the old world, the heroes of Earth 2 learn that the Amazons, led by Fury who is basically Wonder Woman’s counterpart have a special technology that can give the new world limitless resources. The power that does make what’s left of the world work is powered through the green lantern ring, thanks to the sacrifice of Alan Scott of his powers. Abnett does a great job of showing a slight distrust amongst these new breed of heroes, all due to the mistakes of the past. I hate to spoil the mention of the big bad in this issue, but I’d like to see how someone with his power does against these heroes who seem to disagree with each other more than anything.

The Negatives

The pacing of the book is pretty tedious at times as basically some pages seem to be nothing more than a round discussion. When Fury does approach the heroes and makes her offer to rebuild their world, a discussion ensues among teammates. Towards the middle of the book, you’ll really start to care more about the reveal of the villain than the discussions the heroes are having–it feels too weighted and slowly paced.

The Verdict

A Whole New World is a decent read, but it could’ve been more to it. We don’t see the reveal of our new villain until the end, which is fine however the rest of the book comes off as a giant discussion about Fury’s proposal to save them all. I’m sure that Abnett is using this particular issue as a stepping stone to something else, so I’ll give him a pass here on the slow pacing of the book. Dan’s previous stories always involve build up to something dramatic, and that’s what he’s done here in this issue. I love Dan’s attention to every part of the story here, and you really get an idea of what every hero’s stance is in allowing Fury to use this technology to possibly save them and the world. I believe we’re gonna be looking at a great story in the next issues coming up! Check out Earth 2 #13 and see for yourself!


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