Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition comes to theaters for one night only!

by J. Brent Stewart
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Here’s your one and only chance to see the extended version on the big screen, Monday June 27th at 7pm.

Fans of the grimdark Batman v Superman who felt like the film didn’t go far enough in confusing small children around the world, were already excited about the announcement of an extended R-Rated cut of the movie being released on Blu Ray and DVD July 19th. Now there’s more cause for violent celebration as the extended version will be shown on the big screen for one night only.

The new cut of Zack Snyder’s opus is set to include 30 minutes of previously unseen footage, supposedly featuring upcoming Justice League movie bad guy Steppenwolf. Maybe there’s also some footage of Superman burning down orphanages, or just straight up ripping people in half. I’m not sure.

Check out Warner Bros ticketing site for a list of selected cities, and to paraphrase David Letterman, I pray to God your city has been selected.

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