The hunt for Victor Zsasz has disasterous results when Superman intervenes during Batman and Damian’s fight! Taking the green pill, it’s a brutal showdown that occurs between Superman and Batman–with Batman emerging the victor. However, with the arrival of Superman’s Regime on the scene what will Batman do now? And is the Flash one step closer to betraying a dictator Superman?

Injustice- Gods Among Us - Year Five (2015-) 026-004

The Positives

“Choices Pt 2”, written by Brian Buccellato and penciled by Mike S. Miller was a real treat to read. I really love reading the Injustice series period and I’ve been reading the series from its very beginning. Here we find that Damian has finally caught Victor Zsasz, who a few issues prior murdered Alfred Pennyworth. This of course sends Damian over the edge, who has plans to kill Zsasz– and only Batman stands in his way. I loved how Buccellato clearly shows Batman’s real distinction of justice here. Zsasz is beaten and Batman has the power to kill him and end it all–and instead does not. He knows that isn’t what Alfred would want and that it isn’t true justice at all. With the arrival of the Flash, Lantern, and Wonder Woman however, Batman even after having taken the green pill which gives metahuman durability and strength finds himself outmatched by his former friends. Even in the face of former allies who tell him to stand down, Batman refuses to surrender and finds himself saved by none other than the Flash. I know that Barry’s sudden shift on sides however will likely have some real results in the future– and I’m eager to see how exactly this despotic Superman responds to it.

Injustice - Gods Among Us - Year Five #26 (2016) - Page 6

The Negatives

My only complaint about the issue is towards the end where Bruce and Barry have a small conversation. In it Bruce asks Barry to go back in time and prevent Lois and Metropolis from being destroyed so that Superman’s rule wouldn’t have happened in the first place. When asked to do so, Barry simply responds that he’ll think about it. Although I’m not complaining it’s just that so much has happened in the entire Injustice series that this was a question that should’ve been bought up awhile ago. Honestly I asked myself that question prior issues past because of so much loss and death that has happened throughout the series– and if you’ve read the entire series its ALOT. Now I think that Buccellato might address this question maybe next issue or a few issues down the road because it’s too obvious not to and I hope we might see Barry maybe considering taking Bruce’s request.

Injustice - Gods Among Us - Year Five #26 (2016) - Page 15

The Verdict

Injustice #26 just like the series as a whole was a good read. Injustice hands down has to be one of the best non canon comic book series I’ve ever read. It’s a great spin on morals and what exactly is justice and revenge–and it shows us the consequences of crossing the line. The emotional story between Bruce and Damian is shown well here and you can clearly see the Bruce gives Damian chances to constantly redeem himself–but it’s apparent he’s too far gone. Check out Injustice #26 and I promise you a great story!


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