Exclusive: ‘Committed’ An award winning Fan Film with a Twist

by Damian Fasciani
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Pop Culture comes to life when the fans take the passion they have and express their own unique stories on camera. We are proud to bring you an exclusive interview with the stars behind a unique fan film called, Committed.

Committed is a unique story that draws us into the relationship between the Joker and Harley Quinn, and their attempt to solve some of the “marital” challenges that divide them. The story has a pleasant little twist, coupled with two wonderful actors who bring a great persona to the villains we have come to love in the DC Universe.

The film has won three major awards in Best Actor , Best Actress, and Best Fan Film at the Superman Celebration Fan Film Festival.

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Brandi Price & Aaron Gaffey who played Harley Quinn & The Joker respectively,with the interview below we have a great conversation on the magic behind the film, their careers, the broader DC Universe and more.


Offical Plot:

Years of battling “The Dork Knight” have taken its toll on these two lovers who, although stressed, remain crazy (operative word there) in love. As many couples who have been together for a while do, “Mista J” and “Pooh” find themselves at a cross-roads — do we continue to wreck mayhem on Gotham or do we try to begin our own little family? It’s a character-based story about love, relationships and what steps couples have to take in order to make them work.

committed fan film dress design dc comics news
Costume Design
committed fan film behind the scenes dc comics news
Behind the Scenes
committed fan film brandi price dc comics news
Harley loves the Camera
committed fan film poster dc comics news
committed fan film harley quinn dc comics news
She's not happy!
committed fan film the joker dc comics news
The Joker
committed fan film wardrobe design
Makeup and Wardrobe
That smile!
committed fan film joker close up Aaron Gaffey dc comics news
Aaron Gaffey as the Joker
committed fan film topless joker dc comics news
Look out!
committed fan film naughty harley dc comics news
committed fan film director dc comics news
Behind the Scenes
committed fan film dc comics news
Lights, Camera Action!
joker and harley quinn committed fan film dc comics news
committed fan film harley and joker dc comics news
In the Conversation!
committed fan film harley makeup dc comics news
Hair please!
committed fan film joker makeup dc comics news
Joker gets a touch up!
committed fan film joker on couch dc comics news
On the Couch, look out!
committed fan film therapist dc comics news
Understanding the problem!


Brandi Price Harley Quinn
Aaron Gaffey The Joker
Matt Stevens Therapist / Doctor

Directed By:
Terry Ziegelman

Written By:
Colin Costello

Screenplay By:
Colin Costello
Brandi Price
Terry Ziegelman

Produced By:
Brandi Price
Colin Costello

Offical Site:

Make sure you follow Committed on facebook to find out when the fan film will be released. If you have worked on or been apart of a fan film in anyway, please comment below and provide us with the details.

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