Violett Beane spills beans on return to ‘The Flash’

by Kevin Gunn
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Jesse will return in Season 3, but what version?

This past season of the hit CW series The Flash left fans with a lot of unanswered questions. Questions like: “did Barry just kickstart ‘The Flashpoint Paradox’?”, Or “who’s coming back Season 3?”. We’ve already received word that John Wesley Shipp and Tom Canvaugh will be returning. And now we find out from TV Line that actor Violett Beane will also be coming back.

“She could be Earth-One Jesse, she could be a speedster…. Who knows!” declared Beane at the Saturn Awards recently. She was making reference to Season 2 when Barry tried recreating the accident that turned him into The Flash, rendering Jesse unconscious (like Barry was when he first got his powers).

Eventually (as in the next episode), Jesse would emerge from her coma, but with no signs of super speed. Maybe she needed 9 months to fully cultivate her powers, but thats pure speculation. Note: Our site owner, Damian Fasciani, conducted an exclusive interview with Ms. Violett Beane back in May.

“When Jesse got hit, I was like ‘It’s happening! It’s happening!’” she stated. “There was the spark when she got out of the coma, but… it didn’t happen, and I was like, ‘No!’ I’m very excited [to play a speedster], and would love for it to happen early next season.”

We have also learned from the Scarlet Speedster himself (in the form of actor Grant Gustin) that there were repercussions from the events of the Season 2 finale. “We’re definitely doing this [Flashpoint] thing our own way…. This will be its own thing.”

We will all have to wait and see how Jesse returns to Central City, and what changes Barry has made to the time/space continuum, until October 4 when The Flash begins its third season on The CW.



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