Greg Weisman Details How To Get ‘Young Justice’ Season 3

by Kevin Gunn
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The writer/producer maps out the steps it will take for our heroes to return.

Voiceover actor Chris Niosi had a conversation with Greg Weisman which Niosi shared on his YouTube channel. Weisman mentioned what it would take to get a third season of Young Justice on Netflix. Here’s the interview:

If you don’t have time to listen to the interview, make time! At some point, listen to this message very soon. But here are the steps Weisman mentioned that need to happen in order to get a Season 3 of Young Justice. They are:

  1. Bing watch on Netflix and iTunes. We’ve heard about the call to watch on Netflix, but this is the first mention of iTunes. And as Weisman mentioned, “It’s marathon, not a sprint.” You have to commit to hours of the show playing. You can play it in the background will doing other activities. But with Netflix, you will have to acknowledge that you are still watching after about 3 episodes.
  2. Buy NEW DVD/Blu Rays of Young Justice. Don’t buy used copies because Warner Bros. can’t track the sells. And sells dollars translates to revenue to cover the costs of producing the show.
  3. Buy the Young Justice companion comics on Comixology or iTunes. For purest, we know you love the feel of a book in your hands. Unfortunately, when the Young Justice series ended, so did the comic book series. So again, the only way to track sells is through electronic media like iTunes or Comixology. You can buy the used books if you want, but if you’re down for the cause, buy them through the digital sources.

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CORRECTION: iTunes will only count if it’s a NEW purchase of the series (similar to purchasing a DVD or Blu Ray).

Here’s to hoping a third season comes into fruition. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some binging to do! #KeepBingingYJ

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