Exclusive: We speak with The Flash’s Violett Beane

by Damian Fasciani
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DC Fans, I am proud to bring you yet another exclusive interview. This time we have teamed up with an upcoming star of the hit TV series The Flash in Ms Violett Beane. Ms Beane plays Harrison Well’s daughter, Jesse Wells & we will see her turn into the speedster Jesse Quick sooner rather than later. Join us in this fun Q/A and don’t forget to comment below on your thoughts so far on season 2.

Damian Fasciani (DCN) 1. Welcome Ms Beane, thank you for making the time to talk with DC Comics News. Both we and our fans love “The Flash”. Let’s open with you giving our fans some background and a short bio on you and your career to date.
Violett Beane: Hi everyone! Thanks for being such amazing fans! I started acting in middle and high school, but I really started to focus in during senior year of high school. I found a local agent and really began studying my craft. It’s been a pretty fast ride for me so far, and I feel so fortunate to already be where I am today!
DCN 2. Onto “The Flash”, how did the casting opportunity come up for you to play Jesse Quick on the show? Can you take us through the casting process?
I got a self-tape audition request for the show for a character named Claire. I guess what I was reading for mock sides just to get the feel for me as an actor. I sent it in, and after a couple of weeks got the call that I had booked Jesse Quick! It was pretty insane how fast the process was actually!
DCN 3. How much and what kind of research (if any) did you have to do on the source character from the comic books?
Before I auditioned I didn’t even know who the character was, so it wasn’t until after I booked it that I went to a comic book store to get some study material. The guys were really friendly and we booked out a few good ones with Jesse in them. Since working on the show, I’ve received a lot more comics though!
DCN 4. Jesse Wells on the show has had an indifferent relationship with her father, Harrison Wells. Can you explain to us how this may shape her future in the show? If so, you know what we will ask you next.
I think you definitely see their relationship grow through the season. Jesse grows up a lot while being on this Earth and that changes the father-daughter relationship they have. It’s like they come to an understanding with each other, and that allows for Jesse as a character to flourish a little more.
DCN 5. There will be a twist on the show that will lead to Jesse Wells becoming the speedster, Jesse Quick. Can you talk to us about this? How does it make you feel knowing you will be embedded as a hero in the DCTV Universe?
It’s been confirmed by the writers of the show that Jesse will be speeding up at some point, it’s just a matter of when! And honestly I can’t wait. I think that would be so friggin awesome! And as for as the DC Universe goes, it’s pretty darn iconic so that’s AMAZING.
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DCN 6. What was it like the first time you saw Grant Gustin in his Flash suit? Having now worked with both generations of THE FLASH leads, what is it like on set when the “original” FLASH guest star John Wesley Shipp is hanging out with Team Flash?
The suit looks AMAZING in person, so detailed and real! There is so much love from all the cast on set, and especially John. I feel like he’s able to relive that time in his life a bit when he’s on set, and you can tell he’s not taking it for granted at all!
DCN 7. Women in Pop Culture is a great balance and aligns with gender equality in our lives, do you have an opinion on how this should evolve?
I guess my opinion is that of course the depiction of women in popular culture should align with how it is in our lives. I feel honored to play such a strong character, and I think there needs to be more characters like that.
DCN 8. Before you go onto set, can you take us through your preparation process as an actor?
For The Flash, I like to goof around with Tom before we have scenes together. It definitely helps bring out that relationship for the camera. But in general, I just like to clear my mind of my own Violett thoughts and take a deep breath.
DCN 9. Who is the funniest, most serious, and most dramatic on the cast of the Flash?
I have a bunch of good laughs with Candice, that girl is a fire cracker. John Wesley is pretty serious which I respect because he has so much love for his character. And Tom is definitely the most (faux) dramatic. He’s so over the top and outrageous, it’s amazing!
DCN 10. If you could play any character in the future of the DC Universe, who would it be and why?
I mean Catwoman would be pretty friggin iconic. There’s been so many great ones though, so I don’t know if I would want to have to live up to that fandom!
DCN 11. Can you take us through the creative process that goes into building out the persona of your upcoming character, the costume, and overall impact on-screen?
I like to draw inspiration for any new character from both personal experiences and others I’ve learned about. That really helps me develop a character. I think clothes and make-up are a huge transformation maker as well though, so hopefully you get to work with talented crew that will work with you to discover your character. The scariest part is the impact on the screen because it’s totally out of your hands at that point. You just hope what you put out reflects on the big screen!


Everyone at DCN would like to send a huge thank you to Ms Violett Beane and her agency for dedicating the time to talk to us. We appreciate the effort.

Make sure you tune into The Flash on the CW Network Tuesdays 8 | 7 C

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