Review: Robin: Son Of Batman #13

by Derek McNeil
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Script – Ray Fawkes, Art – Ramon Bachs

Reviewed By – Derek McNeil

Warning: This review contains spoilers.

As this final issue begins, Damian, Maya (a.k.a. Nobody), and Goliath are escorting Suren Darga back to Gotham at Batman’s instruction. They have stopped for a meal, which is soon interrupted by an attack from the forces of Den Darga – Suren’s father and the head of the Lu’un Darga.

However, the attack is over as quickly as it started when a mysterious energy drain takes out the Lu’un Darga contingent and knocks Suren unconscious. Damian concludes that this means that a member of the Suren’s family is still active.

They track the drain to Russia where they find and battle Den Darga. Suren realizes that his father had just been using him. They manage to defeat Darga, but at a cost – the life of Robin.


Due to the mystical forces at play, the others can see Damian’s spirit heading toward the light. Suren attempts to call out to Damian, son of Al Ghul, but Maya corrects him. “That’s not who he is. . . He’s Robin! Son of Batman!”.  Damian responds to this, but the spirit of Darga (also dead) tries to drag him back towards the light.

Does Damian survive? I’ll give you a hint. The story ends with a reveal of the story’s title, which comments on the story of Robin, son of Batman: “It Never Ends”.


The Good:

I particularly enjoyed Suren’s awareness of the parallels between himself as son of Den Darga, and Damian, grandson of Ra’s Al Ghul, and how this informs his decision to fight against his father and not to give into his apparent destiny as a Darga.

There is also a very touching moment that even as Maya complains of Damian’s underwhelming show of gratitude for saving him, the reader catches a rare show of emotion from Damian that shows how grateful Damian is for his friends and what they have done for him.


The Bad:

I can’t really find much to fault with this issue, other than the fact that it’s the last one of the series. However, we can content ourselves that we will see Damian’s adventures in the upcoming Super Sons and Teen Titans titles – as well as appearances in other books in the Batman family of titles.

The Verdict:

This issue is a fine conclusion to this chapter in the life of Damian. It ends on a poignant and optimistic note, promising that although the title may be ending, the adventure will always continue.


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