After the confirmation of the DC movie slate fans all over have been waiting to see their favorite super hero team come together on the big screen. The trinity looked amazing throughout all of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice so it is safe to assume that the next three members to join up will be following suit. A few glimpses of Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg have been seen since the line-up was officially released. Many people were confused as to why a Green Lantern wasn’t going to be a part of the team, but who is to say a couple of brief mentions won’t be thrown around about a great pilot from Ferris Air. Jason Momoa’s portrayal of Aquaman has been the most publicized look appearing in both Batman V Superman and in quite a few promotional pictures leading up to the film. Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher while both seen while Bruce looked over the Metahuman Files on Luthors hard drive haven’t really had the big reveal that everyone has wanted yet.

Today everything changed when the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Cut released for digital download. Not only is the movie beefed up with 30 more minutes of footage, but the special features that come with the purchase are well worth it themselves. One of the biggest extras on the Ultimate Cut was the concept art that revealed full looks at all six of the original Justice League members. A few people have had problems with the looks but understand, this is by no means a final look for the team. In fact Fisher had a bit to say about his excitement over the role of Cyborg. “It has been more exciting than cool.” You can watch the full cast interviews on the “Uniting the Worlds Finest” featurette.


This has only breached the surface on how many interesting behind the scenes looks and featurettes are packed into the BvS: Ultimate Cut. The DVD and Blu-Ray release is coming up in two weeks but if you can’t wait that long, like me, it is available to purchase on your favorite streaming site. A fun bit of trivia from my source, Justice League is set to release on Nov. 17th, 2017 which is the 25th anniversary of the iconic Superman #75 — “Death of Superman.”

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