Preview: New Super-Man #1

by Konrad Secord-Reitz
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Superman, The Man of Steel, Kryptonian, Kansas Farmer, Boy Scout.

what is it that makes him so super?

Action 957 job for SupermanIs it the invulnerability? The flight? Heat Vision? Ice Breath? Super strength? Maybe it’s all of those and more. Maybe it’s none of them. Maybe what makes Superman so super is his humanity. He’s humble, graceful, and kind. Always looking out for his fellow man, Clark is there for everyone in their time of need.

Just like this young man:Super-man preview stop it

Well, compared to Clark Kent, this new so called Super-Man isn’t much. In fact he may be more over confident and narcissistic than any villain to drag themselves across the pages of one of the Multiverse’s books. Sadly, he might just have the power to back that smug face up!

Super-man preview this is me


The first words Shanghai’s very own Super-Man utters to us in New Super-Man Rebirth #1 is to  compare himself to China’s three greatest citizens. Then the young and brash kid insults Yao Ming. Oh did I mention, he’s mugging a classmate for his coke, because, “It tastes better” when he steals it.

This new Super-Man is defiantly off to a great start, until he comes face-to-face with Blue Condor, Shanghai’s new supervillain!

Super-man preview Villains

This series is defiantly going to be worth a read! I look forward to seeing Shanghai’s Bat-Man and Wonder-Woman that are soon to come. Not to mention the shenanigan’s this young man will certainly find himself in.



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