Review: The Flash #2

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Carmine Giandomenico

Reviewed By: Derek McNeil

Barry’s pal, Detective August Heart, received super-speed powers in the previous issue, and this issue picks up with Barry helping him to get acquainted to his newfound abilities. Unfortunately, August learns a little too much, as he is able to quickly able to figure Barry’s secret identity. August assures Barry that his secret is safe, but is doubtful that he will need to adopt a secret identity himself.

Meanwhile, we see Wally – the younger one, as we now know there to be two Wally Wests in the DCU – is also getting acquainted with newfound speed powers – moving a bit closer to his destiny as a new Kid Flash.


Next, Iris is investigating the previous issue’s villain, Dr. Carver, while August and Barry have a philosophical debate over the proper use of their powers to assist their police work. This portends future friction between them – Barry is insistent that things have to be done strictly by the book, while August seems more inclined towards punishing criminals himself.

However, this discussion is cut short, by Iris being kidnapped. Both speed to the scene, but Barry orders August to only observe and report. Barry saves Iris easily, but finds himself losing to Dr. Carver – only to be saved by August, who is now in costume. He hasn’t adopted a superhero name yet, but he declares himself The Flash’s partner.

As the story ends, a lightning storm starts, and suddenly the city is overrun by a number of citizens who suddenly became super-speedsters.

The Positives

I like how Barry seems pleased to have a speedster partner. He seems to have been feeling a need for a partner – perhaps due to his restored memories of his partnership with the original Kid Flash.

It also makes sense that a detective who gets speed powers after being hit by lightning would deduce the Flash’s secret identity from the fact that Barry was struck by lightning around the same time the Flash first appeared.


I also have to praise Carmine Giandomenico’s art. It really gives a sense of the super fast kinetic action of the multiple speedsters in the story.

The Negatives

There’s not much to complain about here, except that although the issue is labelled as part of the Rebirth storyline, it doesn’t seem to tie into the it very much. There’s only a brief mention of the original Wally’s return in passing. It seems a bit misleading to use the Rebirth branding if it’s not furthering that story.

The Verdict:

Overall a solid issue that sets up the challenges that Barry will be facing in the months ahead.


Derek McNeil

I have been an avid reader of DC Comics since the early 70s. My earliest exposure was to Batman and Superman comics, Batman (Adam West) reruns, and watching the Super-Friends every Saturday morning.