Tara Strong Talks About Reprising Batgirl Role

by Kevin Gunn
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DC All Access caught up with voice actor Tara Strong as she steps back into her role as Barbara Gordon and Batgirl in Batman: The Killing Joke. In the interview, conducted by Tiffany Smith, Strong discusses what it was like being cast as Batgirl in The New Batman Adventures, and bringing a new dark side to the Batgirl character. She also talks about her fondness for fellow cast members Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill.

Batman: The Killing Joke is directed by Sam Liu and Bruce Timm, and scripted by Brian Azzarello. This is DC Original Animated Movies’ first R-Rated film. The film is set to debut on July 22 at San Diego Comic Con, three days before its one-night-only limited theatrical release on July 25. The Digital HD download will be available on July 26, and the Blu-ray/DVD release is schedule for Aug. 2.

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