Review: Harley Quinn #3

by Konrad Secord-Reitz
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writers: Amanda Connor & Jimmy Palmiotti

Artists: Bret Blevins, Chad Hardin & John Timms


ReHARLEY_3_3ading Harley Quinn is a truly unique experience. This issue was jam packed full of fun and references out the wazoo! I continue to love just about every character in the book, from Harley herself, to Ivy, and even Tony, the only “normal” character. By normal, I mean, the least insane and illogical.

Throughout this issue, each character takes a slight jab at Harley, calling her insane in one way or another. Mental health issues are often seen as a bad thing, but, usually they have an adaptive quality at their core that runs wild so they harm instead of keep people safe. Well, Harley’s insanity is the perfect adaptation to her world. This issue throws these characters into some incredibly scary and fatal situations about which Harley laughs and pushes through. Even Poison Ivy knows that Harley is crazy, but helps her when she needs it.

THARLEY_3_5his current adventure takes Harley, Ivy, and the gang through tunnels, blood soaked catacombs, and… Another great quality in this book is the relationship between Harley and Ivy. They aren’t some theatrical and kiss happy couple like we typically see. They have these really intimate but normal interaction, such as showering together and cleaning each other’s hair, or the little side comments they make to watch out or remind each other of things.

This adventure is great and I will continue to read this book in anticipation of the crazy adventures and wonderful interactions.


From the absolutely crazy stories and writing to the very intimate and normal interactions, this book is fabulous. Not to mention that the solution to this story comes out of nowhere.


This book’s biggest issue is that it ends. I can’t wait for the next issue to come out and continue this crazy story. Ahh.. I found something! Harley uses alliterations quite a bit and it is usually thought to be a bad thing, well too bad. It suits Harley!


Read this book and read it now! No matter how many comics you read, from a first timer, to someone who started reading when the golden age was thriving, you will like this book. It is hilarious, crazy, and wonderful.





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