Review: Deathstroke #2

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Priest

Artist: Carlo Pagulayan


Continuing from the previous issue, Slade continues his pursuit of the man who betrayed and imprisoned his friend Wintergreen! As Slade begins to get answers and the truth begins to surface, a loved one of Slade’s is taken! Who has made the mistake of taking the child of one of the world’s deadliest mercenaries?


The Positives

“Band of Brothers” immediately takes us where the last issue of Deathstroke left off, with Slade and Wintergreen still chasing answers on Wintergreen’s betrayal and disappearance. Priest shows us a world where Deathstroke is on top of the mercenary food chain and it’s done well. Priest is still keeping the Kill Bill-style of storytelling here and Pagulayan is right on track with the art that’s completely in sync with the book! Every page shows us a world where Slade is constantly being tested and dealing with danger and circumstance — and he always ends up in a fight! One of the parts I did enjoy in the book was the brief although great battle against the creator of his suit, Dr. Ikon. Granted I didn’t know much about Deathstroke outside of his mercenary standing, but I never knew his suit was so advanced. From how Dr. Ikon described it, it’s almost on par with Batman’s and that’s saying a lot. We see a little more from Slade’s history in this issue and I love it because it’s not pointless at all but very valuable to the story as a whole and it actually made me more curious about the backstory of his character period!


The Negatives

My only complaint about the story is the pacing it takes although it’s quite necessary. This issue has moments of slow pacing but its crucial because we still have no answers in Wintergreen’s betrayal. Basically each page is Deathstroke and Wintergreen looking for information–no matter where it might lead. Although it’s not a full action packed story, what you do get is an actual admiration of Slade Wilson. Although he’s a criminal–he’s loyal and it’s obvious that he operates a distinct code. He’s literally going all over the globe for revenge for his friend–criminal or not, that’s a good friend in my book!


The Verdict

“Band of Brothers” is a good read although not a solid stand alone book. You really need to read the previous issue to understand what exactly is going on here. Priest does a great job of actually humanizing the mercenary Deathstroke and making him appear more than just a criminal. Here we have glimpses of his past as a father and a soldier and now I’m starting to wonder will the series actually cover any of his history in the military! I want to know just exactly why did Slade become a mercenary instead of a hero, especially when his record shows us different! I’m already looking for to the next issue and once you read Deathstroke #2 you will be too!


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