Review: Deathstroke #3

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Priest
Artist: Joe Bennett

Someone has placed a bounty on Rose, the daughter of Slade Wilson! As Wilson attempts to aid her, he also finds difficulties in being a parent! Can Slade and Rose truly put aside their differences and find out who’s behind the contract on Rose’s head?


Priest does a wonderful job of showcasing the loving, yet condescending relationship between Rose and her father Slade! From the very beginning of the first page we’re shown a very beautiful and deadly assassin who does anything to accomplish her mission. Rose is different from her father in many ways, however, and Priest does a great job of contrasting the two. While Slade is cold and calculating in his ways throughout the book, Rose is slightly the same — the difference is that she seems to subconsciously need the approval of her father. Slade reminds her that seeking his approval is pointless and it makes her weak in his eyes — something that she takes to heart.

Throughout the story we’re reminded of Rose seeking Slade’s approval, be it through her costume that mirrors his, her training that he absolutely hates, or her personal life, which he has to remind her — he doesn’t care to hear. Priest basically gives us a story about the struggles of being a father and a daughter, with a little shooting and blood along the way! The dialogue between the two isn’t lost either, as they argue while taking down the threat of armed gunmen. Even in conflict Slade is drilling her with questions about what to do next in combat, as if he was training her right at that moment! It’s clear that there’s a bond between the two and although Slade doesn’t show it, he obviously cares for his daughter very much.


I don’t really have any negatives about this read. I found it very satisfying from start to finish. Priest gives us a story that shows Slade in a different light aside from being a constant villain or a mercenary for hire. Here we get to see Slade as an actual concerned parent which is a different — and welcome — take on the character. If I really had to pick out a negative it would be this particular issue’s constant flashbacks. Although necessary, it kind of confused me at one point but Priest immediately picks it right back up with action so we’re thrown right back into the story between Slade and Rose.


Deathstroke #3 is a great read, especially if you’ve already been following the character. The story is awesome and Joe Bennett’s detailing is amazing and showcased perfectly. You can see how distinct he makes Rose’s and Slade’s suits and both look great! I love how Rose pays homage to her father with her uniform without exactly copying his style. Priest himself makes the book completely stand on its own so this is a book you can actually read without having read the previous issues. I know I’ve said it in my reviews before, but I have to compliment how much of a fresh look Priest is giving us with Deathstroke’s character. Here in this particular issue we see how he copes with loss, and what it does to him. Not to spoil it for you, but I believe this particular loss leads to his focusing on protecting Rose so much, so it’s good to see a real villain with a conscience. I wasn’t disappointed reading Deathstroke #3 — and you won’t be, either!


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