Review: Cyborg #2

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: John Semper Jr.
Artist: Paul Pelletier

Cyborg faces off against Killgore, a robotic monstrosity that seeks to take Cyborg and claim him for an unknown purpose! As Cyborg and Killgore battle through the streets, Cyborg also makes some interesting revelations about himself–is Victor still man? Or is it all machine?


Continuing from Cyborg #1, Victor is continuing his battle with Killgore, a robotic alien who controls all technology and electricity. As Victor thinks of a plan to stop Killgore, he realizes that the alien can even read his thoughts due to the electrical impulses fired in his brain! Victor soon realizes that he needs more than muscle to overpower this mechanical nightmare, and thanks to a close friend, he’s able to do so. Throughout the book, Killgore psychologically torments Victor by reading his might and bringing to bear one of his worst fears–that he’s more machine than man. It’s this very manipulation that Killgore tries to use to his advantage. Semper does a great job of showing us the emotional strain that Victor has do deal while fighting this monster and also within himself. Pelletier completes the book by giving great detail with every aspect of the battle. Everything from Killgore’s mechanical, but psychotic expressions to the emotional moments of Victor’s deepest thoughts are all drawn flawlessly. I love Pelletier’s work on this book and hope he continues the same formula down the road.



My only real complaint about the book is the lack of weaponry Cyborg uses. I know it doesn’t sound like a real complaint, but with a book so good it’s really a minor one. However it’s just that when I visualize Cyborg I think of a virtual weapon. This issue with Killgore, although good, was basically a slugfest in a way. I’m a fan of Cyborg’s sonic cannon, blasters, and other weaponry which in this issue we don’t see at all. Like I said, it’s a minor issue so I know in the next issue we will see all the toys Cyborg has in arsenal in some shape or form.


Cyborg #2 is a great read if you’re a Cyborg fan and a great read if you’re not. You don’t have to know what’s happened in the previous issue to dive in and enjoy, but you will want to read the next with the cliffhanger they leave at the end. Not to spoil it for you, but even in Killgore’s defeat Victor still has no closure although he thinks he does — and that’s dangerous. I can’t wait to see how Victor responds when the truth is revealed! Check out Cyborg #2!


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