Review: Everafter: From the Pages of Fables #2

by Matthew Lloyd
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writers: Dave Justus & Matthew Sturges
Artist: Travis Moore
Colors: Michael Wiggam


There was always the sense that the powers-that-be who held the reigns to Fabletown were in control, at least to an extent. However, it’s not quite the same with Everafter: From the Pages of Fables. The world is a different place, a very different place.

Bo Peep and Peter Piper have discovered what happened to Hansel and they attempt to get Jordan, the little girl who killed Hansel to talk to them. She’s not interested and disappears quickly and easily. They return to headquarters with Hansel’s remains in tow and are quickly introduced to Connor Wolf, the newest member of the team. There’s a clear distinction between the youthful inexperience of Connor and the more sober attitude of Peter.


Jordan and her talking plush unicorn Mister Prisms go to visit what appear to be the reanimated corpses of her parents. Prisms is aware that things may not be safe for them in St. Louis, but the powerful yet naive Jordan doesn’t quite see things that way.

As Peter and Connor head out for an easy mission in Denver, Feathertop takes the remains of Hansel further underground and reanimates them for a yet unknown purpose. Connor is unable to check himself and not only botches the mission, but…. I can’t spoil everything now, can I?



It is nice to have hope that Hansel’s, ahem, resurgence, bodes well for other Fables that may have suffered similar fates.  The big or little bad, Jordan as you may see fit to call her is awfully powerful and poses a threat not just to the world at-large but seems like she will be a formidable opponent for our team of intrepid adventurers.  As a child, Jordan will provide a different kind of challenge, it’s probably going to boil down to trust and not simply a fight to the death.


Connor isn’t making himself likable to the team and it’s going to take some work to get him assimilated.  This is a type of character we’ve seen before, and either his youthful exuberance is magnetic or he needs to get serious before he gets himself or someone else hurt.  Hope that warning isn’t too late.


You’ve got to figure out which character you like in Everafter:  From the Pages of Fables. Bo? Peter? Connor? Hansel? They all present a different type of character.  The challenge is for Justus and Sturges to get them all working together and creating that chemistry which was so effective in Fables.


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