Review: Shade, the Changing Girl #1

by Matthew Lloyd
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Cecil Castellucci
Artist: Marley Zarcone
Colorist: Kelly Fitzpatrick

“Running off to the Great Blue”

Loma is an alien from Meta, a dimension near Earth. Megan is a teenage girl in a coma on Earth. Loma is a big fan of Rac Shade, the poet and former Shade, the Changing Man who had adventures on Earth with the M-Vest. Loma is looking for big feelings. She’s not exactly in a good place on in her dimension with life. Loma wants to emulate Rac and travel to Earth. As such, she needs a body. Megan is an ideal candidate, it seems. However, Megan has parents and friends that have made peace with her condition. This is where things really get going. As we learn about Megan, she turns out to not be the nicest person, and her story will unfold for us as Loma learns what it’s like to be a teenage Earth-girl.


While the first part of this story is a bit tough to follow as we struggle along with Loma to figure out what is going on, once we start get some of Megan’s story the concept finds a direction. It appears that this first arc will have some commonality with Peter David’s Supergirl from the late 90s. While Loma is not as identifiable as Supergirl, some of the same themes appear to be in place. There is great potential here in the development of Loma and her understanding of what it means to be human, thus showing us what it means to be human through her alien eyes. The Who’s Who page at the end of the issue adds a little clarity to the concept as well, don’t skip over it. Incorporating Steve Ditko’s original version of Shade into the series is a nice touch, although knowing that character’s history is not a pre-requisite for understanding this issue.


The story is a little difficult to follow at the beginning of the issue and it takes getting about halfway through to get a grip on what’s going on. This is definitely not a straightforward narrative and as such can be off-putting.


A good start for the series that definitely shows promise. The big questions this series raises are applicable for the main character as well as us humans. The mature reader tag might keep some teens from this title, but it feels like a book with a lot of appeal to teens.



“Cryll’s Big Surprise”

Writer/ Penciler: Natalia Hernandez
Scripter/ Inks: Gilbert Hernandez
Colors: Laura Allred


Cryll, Space Ranger’s sidekick gets a mission to deliver a special package for Space Ranger.


Gerard Way’s Young Animal line is utilizing a number of 50s and 60s era DC characters. Some you may never have heard of, some you may. I hope there is some connection to the main story down the line.


There is was nothing negative about this back up, it is pure unadulterated fun!


Clever back ups are always welcome additions to comics.



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