Review: Green Arrow #8

by Sean Blumenshine
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Otto Schmidt

Oliver, Dinah and Diggle are all stranded on the Island that turned Ollie into Green Arrow which contains new mysteries.

The cover is amazing. Otto Schmidt is back on art and he does the cover as well. It’s a sweet image. This current book is heavily relying on the romance between Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance and the cover displays that well. It’s also wonderfully colored which I think is Schmidt’s greatest strength out of many and the one I notice most.


The interior art is wonderful as well. In the first story, I had a tendency to enjoy Schmidt’s scenery a lot and I feel the same here. The Island looks so beautiful. I would absolutely want to go there if I didn’t know that it was such an evil place.


Writer Benjamin Percy promoted this book on Twitter by claiming it was the sexiest comic ever written. I was fairly concerned by these comments because the issue could have easily become gratuitous. But, Schmidt shows quite a bit of taste in the sexier moments of the issue. I never feel like either character is exploited in any way and both Percy and Schmidt do a good job of showing this sweeter side of the romance that involves sex. These are grown adults falling in love and I think this issue shows a maturity to sex that a lot of entertainment doesn’t.

I love the way Percy writes the dynamic between Dinah and Ollie. There is a clear attraction that neither can resist but there is great tension as well. Their upbringings have created completely different ideologies that cause them to butt heads. Ollie sees his scars as badges of honor while Dinah sees her scars as something to be ashamed of. That is a really interesting idea that I hope gets explored more. I also love that it is affirmed that they are partners and equals. That is essential for this pair to work. Can I officially request that the title be changed to Green Arrow/ Black Canary or Black Canary/ Green Arrow? That seems like what it should be.

There is a potentially interesting mystery set up. I am curious to see whether or not it has anything to do with the Outsiders War since that had direct ties to the Island.

John Diggle fights a bear. If that does not convince you to read this, nothing will. And it’s as wonderful as it sounds.


The issue is light on plot. I think that’s okay because it is focusing more on character, specifically Ollie and Dinah, but some people may want a bit more than what Percy gives. A lot of the issue is just Dinah and Ollie either frolicking or talking. It does end rather abruptly in my opinion.

This is a fun issue. It’s a slower one but I think that works in its favor. It’s simple and sweet. But Percy does a lot with it and is able to establish and develop a lot about both Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance. Additionally, Schmidt’s art is fantastic in every panel. While it may not be for everyone due to the focus on romance, I found it to be enjoyable and I recommend it.


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