Review: Batman #9

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Tom King
Pencils and Inks: Mikel Janin

In order to save Claire, aka Gotham Girl, Batman must do the unthinkable — break into Santa Prisca prison and kidnap Psycho Pirate from Bane! Bane, who’s turned the prison island into a fortress has made it his own personal kingdom. How can Batman hope to break into one of the most dangerous places on Earth? It seems like this is suicide, perfect for a certain team put together for missions just like this…


Batman puts together his own Suicide Squad! Hell yes I was excited for that! After the ending of the last issue, I knew that the Suicide Squad was coming along for the ninth issue, but I had no idea that Waller would actually give Batman full authority to choose his team for this mission to break into Santa Prisca! Tom King gives us a full walkthrough of Arkham Asylum from Batman’s point of view. As Dr. Arkham informs Batman of the most dangerous ones, Batman tells him that he knows already because he’s the one that put them there! King even finds a way to incorporate some of the villains that have true hatred for Batman, and those that are slightly misguided or actually have mental problems. It’s good to see King take such caution with characters instead of just depicting every member of Batman’s Rogues’ Gallery as completely crazy because their not. Some have truly sad and heartbreaking backstories. King does a great job of showing some humanity in Batman’s foes here especially during a conversation with Albert Wesker aka The Ventriloquist.



I wanted more Bane! I got ahead of myself in the beginning of this book, because from the outset they give you a brief history of Bane and his reasons for kidnapping of Psycho Pirate in the first place. I loved how his origin is changed slightly. It’s not too noticeable a change unless you’re a Batman fan or a fan of Bane’s character, however it’s still a good change. I really wanted more conflict in this book though and this issue doesn’t give us that. Basically Batman is building up the Suicide Squad for the infiltration of the island and I have to admit–I’m questioning his choices here for teammates.


Batman #9 is a good read and it’s clear that King is setting up for some serious conflict in the next issue. As I stated in my negatives argument though I’m really not too clear on Batman’s choices for the operation. I don’t want to spoil it but let’s just say they are way more powerful people for Batman to choose to work with so I’m eager to see exactly just how King makes this team work. I don’t know at this point who Batman has to worry about, the infiltration at Santa Prisca or the Suicide Squad attempting to kill him before the mission even starts! Check out Batman #9! It’s worth the read!


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