Batman forms his own Suicide Squad, Wally gets to meet Wally?

by Antonio Jose Chavez
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DC All Access has released an all-new episode showcasing how Batman will answer one of the biggest mysteries from this year’s DC Comics Rebirth, involving Legion of Super-Heroes‘ Saturn Girl.

Dan Didio reveals, that starting with Batman #9,  with ”I am Suicide” by Tom King, Batman begins forming his very own Suicide Squad. Carefully choosing a group of villains which he plans to use to aid him against the ”man who broke the bat”, Bane. From what the promotional images show so far, the members will include Catwoman and Bronze Tiger.

As well, the co-publisher explains why Saturn Girl’s mystery is related to Batman, stating that this is how we will manage to see how the connective tissue of the whole DC Universe works.

And in Flash, coming up, Wally gets to meet Wally, in ”The Kid Flash of Two Worlds”.

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