Review: Blue Beetle #2

by Derek McNeil
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Writers: Keith Giffen & Scott Kolins
: Scott Kolins

Reviewed By: Derek McNeil

The story picks up shortly after Blue Beetle has defeated Blot and the super-powered gang, the Posse, has demanded Jaime turn Blot over to them. It turns out that the Posse aren’t there to fight. Jaime and the Posse discuss a mysterious hole that has appeared – just like two previous holes.

During the discussion, the Posse let slip that they get medical help from Dr. Reyes – Jaime’s mother. It turns out that Ted Kord arranged for her to take care of the Posse’s injuries. Understandably, Jaime is concerned that his mother is involved with a gang, and that Ted hadn’t bothered to tell him about this arrangement.


Jaime explores the hole as the Posse leave. However, Blur remains behind and attempts to flirt with Jaime – aggressively. Jaime isn’t interested and Blur takes offence and proceeds to attack him.

Meanwhile, Jaime’s friends, Brenda and Paco, encounter a red-headed man who speaks unintelligibly then vanishes.

Blur calms down briefly after having accidentally smashing Jaime into a truck. She starts to flirt again, setting off the Blue Beetle Scarab’s defences. Mistaking this for a deliberate attack, she goes back into fight mode, forcing Jaime to disrupt her powers. Saving her from falling to the ground, she steals a kiss, revealing that she had been faking being knocked out. Receiving a secret signal from Root, another member of the Posse, Blur takes off, leaving Jaime befuddled.

Returning home, Jaime confronts his mother about her work helping the Posse. Jaime expresses his worry about her dealing with a gang, but she responds that if it’s okay for him to put his life in danger working with Ted, then she should be able to take a similar risk by helping the Posse. Realizing that he won’t dissuade his mother, they make up instead.


It is interesting to note Dr. Reyes’ mention of Jaime putting his life in danger. Does she know Jaime is the Blue Beetle? Jaime’s sister, Milagro, seems shocked to hear about Jaime risking his life, but his father only gives a knowing look. Hopefully, we will see more interaction between Jaime and his family that will expand on what his family knows about his other life, and how they feel about it.

I am enjoying the humorous interplay between Ted and Jaime. Especially, how Jaime converses with Ted, not realizing that when he is talking to Ted, that it appears to everyone else that he is talking to himself.


The mysterious red-headed man that Brenda and Paco encounter is intriguing. Could this be the original Wally West? He was shown making very similar appearances around the DC Universe in DC Universe: Rebirth #1. It is unclear if this story is set before or after Wally’s return. Also, in those appearances, he was dressed in his Kid Flash uniform, not civilian clothes. Plus, the man shown here seems to be wearing dog tags. If this isn’t Wally, then who is it? And is this related to the Rebirth storyline or something else?

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of new information about Ted Kord’s revised history in this issue. Ted’s new status is one of the more fascinating mysteries of the Rebirth story arc, and I was hoping for at least a hint or two in that direction.

This is another fun issue in DC’s Rebirth line. DC’s Rebirth philosophy is working well with Blue Beetle, mixing together the best of the Ted Kord and Jaime Reyes eras of Blue Beetle history.


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