Review: Deathstroke #5

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Writer: Priest
Pencils: Joe Bennett
Inks: Mark Morales

Robin has been captured by Deathstroke! Attempting to find out who put the contract on his daughter, Slade Wilson comes to Gotham — and Batman is already on his trail! Thinking Batman needs incentive to help him find the people responsible for the contract, Wilson kidnaps Damian in an attempt to get Batman on his side. However, Wilson didn’t count on Batman getting close with The Ravager — Deathstroke’s own daughter!


Priest pulls no punches in this awesome story! I enjoyed every page from the beginning to the end, and Priest does great with the interactions between characters. Wilson’s daughter was trained by Nightwing, so she has a chance to meet and work alongside his mentor Batman!  Batman has no interest in negotiating the return of Robin, knowing that Damian can handle himself. What Priest gives us is a subtle team up of sorts between Ravager and Batman to attempt to find out who placed the contract on the dark web to begin with. Along the way Ravager picks up things about Batman’s beliefs and moral code which she begins to admire in her own way. Batman makes a remark about her being constantly in her father’s shadow, trying to be a killer when in actuality she really doesn’t have to be. It seems that this exchange throughout the book will put Ravager on a whole different course, and I can’t wait to see where exactly she goes next!


I can actually say I have no negatives about this book! The pacing was great, the action was amazing, and the exchanges between the characters had moments where it was hilarious! I have to say I enjoyed the exchange between Deathstroke and Damian more than anything. It’s hilarious because while Deathstroke is attempting to get information out of Damian, it’s Damian that’s constantly outsmarting him at every turn which makes Wilson very frustrated. You can clearly tell through Damian’s arrogance and sheer will that’s he’s truly Bruce Wayne’s son.


Deathstroke #5 gets nothing but high marks of praise for me! The story was great and had moments of comedy that made me burst out laughing. Damian has to be the most frustrating kid in comics I’ve ever seen! He has a way of getting under your skin every time he talks with his arrogance and rudeness and the way he handles Deathstroke is too funny. I was hoping we’d get to see a Batman and Robin vs Deathstroke and Ravager match-up but I think Priest is saving this in his back pocket for a later time! However if you’re a fan of Batman-involved Deathstroke stories then this is perfect for you! Easily one of the best stories I’ve read in awhile!


Steven Brown

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