Review: Wonder Woman #9

by Sean Blumenshine
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Writer: Greg Rucka
Artists: Liam Sharp & Laura Martin

Now that she has been cured, Dr. Minerva works to help Diana find Themyscira.

The art is drawn by Liam Sharp with colors by Laura Martin. I love it which is impressive because there is no action in this issue. It’s various scenes of people talking but it looks incredible. This has been a great art team throughout but this is some of my favorite stuff that they’ve done especially the scene between Steve and Diana on the beach.


I love that Dr. Minerva has been cured and is now an ally of Diana’s. That is such an interesting place to take the relationship between Wonder Woman and Cheetah. It’s also rare. We always see the idea that best friends become mortal enemies but I don’t think I have ever seen the opposite.

The previously mentioned scene between Steve and Diana is probably my favorite part of the issue. I’ve always enjoyed that relationship and didn’t like the way it was handled in the New 52. It’s an incredibly sweet scene and I enjoyed the frank honesty of the two.

The scene with Diana in the mall is great. I love that she would take the time to talk to all of those people.

I actually don’t like the cover by Sharp and Martin. It’s incredibly well drawn and colored as expected but it’s strange. The image of Diana and Steve embracing in front of a weird mechanical creature doesn’t mesh. The two things clash in tone. And I have no idea what that thing is. There is no cyborg or anything like that in the issue. Maybe it’s a tease for what is coming but it still doesn’t work. The cover does not really represent the book outside of the symbol to the left. Maybe it’s a metaphor or some form of symbolism I don’t get.


Overall, I enjoyed this book quite a bit. It focuses mainly on character which is great. I think that characterization and character development have been Greg Rucka’s greatest strengths so far in the book so I love getting an issue mostly focused on that. The art is also beautiful with several stand out moments. I recommend checking this issue out.


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