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Writer: Rob Williams
Artists: Jim Lee and Stephen Byrne
Inkers: Scott Williams, Jonathan Glapion, Sandra Hope and Stephen Byrne

The team is back in the unwelcoming confines of Belle Reve. Zod is captured (for now) and there is a chance he might be totally mad as in crazy — not angry (that cannot be good). Harley and Floyd have a fight. June and Waylon have a heart to heart. Hack fangirls all over Harley. We ask the question, “Is that Boomerang?” Flag does something we all wanted him to do for a long time.

In story two, we learn Hack’s back story. There is more fangirling for Harley. There is vengeance. There is a dig into Waller’s past as well. Remember that picture of her family from a few issues ago? Well… Hack might know a thing or two.


Damn, I love this book. I want Rob Williams and Jim Lee to do all the books. Okay. No, I don’t, but twice a month is not enough. It takes major skills to bring a team like this together and still have focus and direction. Rob Williams is simply a masterful story teller and character builder. Let us think about Hack for a moment. Here is a Nigerian woman who has the most powerful ability in this day and age. She sucks data out of the air and she can use it all. Data is power. She is powerful. Of course, because of her girl-crush on Harley, she decides to be a villain. In fact, she has her arms fully sleeved in Harley tattoos. Damn. I love this book. Did I say that already? Well, it was worth repeating.


I have decided that for every review of a Rob Williams book going forward, I must include a quote. Why? Because he makes me laugh and he is a genius. In this issue, Harley says:

“You’re as much use as a publicity still of John Stamos surgically attached to the head of a humpback whale.”

Yep. That is a line from this book. In a lot of books, lines like that would not fit. They would be forced and unbelievable. They would be silly and out of place. However, in Williams’ capable hands and coming out of Harley’s mouth, it is comedy gold.

Jim Lee shows us what the inside of June’s head looks like. No. Not like that. He is not just showing us brains (although he totally could and it would be realistic). June is trying to paint Croc and her view of him is as disturbing as it is spot on. Jim Lee. Don’t ever retire.


Hmmmm.  Nope. Nothing to report. If you find awesome a negative then you are all set to hate this.

June Moon and Waylon Jones? That is interesting. Could that be a thing? Zod as a member of Task Force X? Holy crap! That can not be a thing, can it? Flag did what?! Wait, what? I have to wait two weeks? Damn it!

Look, this is only the fifth issue. If you are not reading this series, you are really missing out. Action. Humor. Story. Characters that are so real you forget this is fiction. Oh yeah…and Jim Lee.


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