Review: Cyborg #4

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: John Semper Jr.
Pencils: Timothy Green
Inks: Joseph Silver

It’s Cyborg vs. the Justice League! The world’s greatest heroes have come to bring Cyborg to justice! What the hell is going on here? Victor better find out because if he doesn’t, he’s dead!


Continuing from the previous issues of Cyborg, Victor is struggling to recover his lost memories while trying to cope with his biggest fears. While on sleep mode to receive updates his mind gets attacked by the cybernetic villain Malware who was in the previous issues. Malware sends “cyber worms” that attack Victor’s mind at key moments in his life. Semper basically gives us a virtual tour of what makes Victor’s life with some vicious fights along the way! Basically what we have here is an origin story that’s been twisted inside out, and its a good look at how Cyborg views himself as well. Semper gives us a classic “Frankenstein’s monster” tale almost with the way the League attempts to hunt down Cyborg and destroy him!


Although I enjoyed the book my only concern is with Cyborg’s memories in this issue with the laboratory assistant Sarah. It seems that the two were once involved and very deeply in love, but Victor has no memories of her thanks to his father. My complaint is that she has plenty of opportunities to tell Victor the truth, especially since she works so closely with him. Yet she chooses not to. We already knew she cared in the first few issues but I really wish she’d just say how she felt instead of getting angry that Victor doesn’t know about her feelings in every issue. I’m guessing that Semper wants Victor to make the discovery on his own since it ties so deeply into his own memories or maybe he has other plans for Sarah in the future.


Cyborg #4 is a great read! From the first issue to this recent one its been truly a good time to be a Cyborg fan. I have to admit that when Cyborg first made the leap to being one of the League’s members years ago, I was one of the few who was hesitant. However that was because I’ve always known Victor as a Teen Titan. I never thought of him in the same class as the “heavyweights” of the DC Universe. Thankfully I can say that I’m wrong! This issue and really the entire series so far proves just how powerful and dangerous Cyborg can really be, and exactly why he actually belongs on the League!


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