Time To Accessorise with the Batman Heavy Peacoat

by Ross Collie
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Bruce Wayne the billionaire-playboy is widely known for his impeccable dress-sense and elegant style, when he’s not out fighting as Batman to keep the streets of Gotham safe from his colossal rogues gallery, of course!

Webstore Hero Within just introduced the Batman Heavy Peacoat, so now you too can look great while expressing your love for the dark knightThe Batman Heavy Peacoat is more robust than the Batman Light Peacoat also available and features the bat symbol cleverly and discreetly woven into the back of it.

With a plethora of pockets for ultimate functionality, this jacket will see you through even the most demanding occasions and situations. Being marketed as wearable art, this jacket is priced at $249.00 and exclusive preorder is now available on the site with the jacket being expected to ship in December.

If you’re interested in showcasing your love of the bat with this jacket, click the source button below for Hero Within to be taken to their website to check out more about the jacket. Let us know what you think about the apparel below in the comments section, or alternatively, on social media. We’d love to hear from you!

Check out the gallery of the jacket below:


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