Scene Spoilers from Arrowverse Crossover Give Varied Opinions on Supergirl

by Julian Bartlett
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This month ushers in one of the most anticipated Arrowverse crossovers yet. Members from across the DC television universe will team up to confront the biggest threat any of them have faced yet. Veterans from The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow will face an alien invasion. More specifically the Dominators. This highly advanced alien race means to invade planet Earth not only to rule, but also to wipe out the meta-human population. When the heroes realize they are out gunned, Barry Allen remembers a strong ally from another part of the Multiverse, a ringer. But when the Scarlett Speedster shows up with Supergirl, she is met with mixed reviews.

A recent issue of Entertainment Weekly provided an inside look at a scene from the upcoming four-part crossover. The scene depicts the introduction of Supergirl at a S.T.A.R. Labs facility and the team has varied feelings. It is quite apparent that Green Arrow and Spartan aren’t on bored with the Man of Steels cousin. However, when Kara takes off and displays her power of flight, Diggle quickly changes his mind. This is all to expected considering that Dig is so fascinated with Barry’s speed every time The Flash takes off. Stephen Amell shared that even with Diggle giving his blessing to the new recruit, Oliver will take a little bit more convincing.


A couple of leading ladies from the show’s had a few things to say about how excited and nervous they were to see this all come together. Candace Patton, The Flash’s Iris West, talked about “geeking out” on the set. “It’s so cool, especially as a girl, and a young girl who grew up looking up to those characters.” The Girl of Steel herself, Melissa Benoist, had a bit of a different feeling while shooting. During a fight scene she said she felt like a fish out of water in this new environment. “To do it in front of all these people in a different place, I was nervous. It took a little dialing-in to get it down,” said Benoist.

Don’t miss Supergirl’s introduction into the Arrowverse coming later this month. With a few team ups under their belt so far, the creative team seem to have this on lock. If this one even come close to the expectation fans are in for a real treat. And the best part is that it is just one or two days. This event will take place over the course of the majority of a week. Hopefully as the seasons continue and the shows continue to grow and mature these crossovers keep getting bigger and bigger. A television version of the JLA would be fun to see go up against a team like the Legion of Doom. Agreed? I thought so.

Make sure to catch all of your favorite DC superhero shows all week long at 8/7c only on The CW. Monday kicks off with Supergirl and is then followed by The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday respectively.

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