Review: Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #2

by Matthew Lloyd
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writers: Gerard Way & Jon Rivera
Artist: Michael Avon Oeming
Colorist: Nick Filardi

Every wondered how Cave Carson got his cybernetic eye? Well, the first couple pages tease the incident without giving context and it appears we may discover the answer to the mystery as the series unfolds. Meanwhile, back in the present Cave is sneaking into EBX to attempt to steal the Mighty Mole while daughter Chloe is on a date with her boyfriend. Cave is discovered and is taken to CEO Paul Borsten’s office. We learn some interesting things about Cave’s wife and the fact that EBX has been doing business with the Muldroog for years. They’ve encountered a problem and want Chloe to help.


It becomes clear to Cave that Chloe is in trouble and he doesn’t waste anytime in taking it to Borsten. At Chloe’s dorm, she has to fight off her abductors after Daniel is shot. Cave finally gets the Mole and contacts Wild Dog who is a little buys. The issue ends as we see Cave arrive just in time to lend a hand to Chloe who is being chased by Borsten’s men.


While last issue set up our characters this issue brings about the conflict that seems will bring Cave and Chloe closer. The first issue did a great job of providing both Cave and Chloe’s perspectives without demonizing either of them. This issue shows the past that will bring them together. Seeing Chloe take Daniel to a movie that she would watch with her dad indicates that she and her dad are more alike than she might want to think. The revelation about Cave’s deceased wife really added to tapestry that is being woven about these characters’ lives. It was also gratifying and exciting to see Cave jump into action so quickly and effectively.


It seems that Cave will be going up against a big corporation in a bit of a cliché conflict. However, the one thing that might save this from seeming tiresome is the odd nature of the company and the unique relationship EBX has to Cave and his family.


There is a nice balance of quirkiness, nostalgia and humanity to this title. While it embraces all the nostalgia of the original strip, this modern take has the benefit of utilizing contemporary storytelling techniques. And as good comics always do, this book is able to find a way to really make the reader care about the main characters and root for them both in their external as well as internal conflicts.


“Super Powers: Wonder Twins Part Two”
By: Tom Scioli

A quixotic narrative featuring the Sea Devils, Gabby and Flipper Dipper from the Newsboy Legion, Captain Marvel, Jr., Mister Miracle and of course Zan, Jayna and Gleek.

There is a thematic through line that connects the main feature and this short back up. It’s very subtle.

There needs to be a big payoff with the back ups. There are lots of fun bits, but if it ends up being unsubstantial, it may seem like wasted page space.

Sort of neither here nor there. Although, it’s a fun game of “Who’s Who,” which is also referenced in the story.


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