Review: Green Arrow #11

by Sean Blumenshine
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Juan Ferreyra

Green Arrow, Black Canary and Diggle have to stop the underwater from crashing and save everyone on board.

The cover by Juan Ferreyra is outstanding. The red really works for me as a color scheme with Ollie’s suit standing out well against it. I love Dinah on the bike going after Fyers and I love the train. I like it when covers actually depict events or moments from the book while still being cool pieces that one can look at on its own.


The interior art by Ferreyra is also outstanding for the most part. There are a lot of really nice details. He does a good job of conveying the speed of the train. He uses reflective surfaces a couple of times which look fantastic and give the issue a nice sense of style. Faces are nicely detailed and expressive. And his coloring is fantastic. The blue from the water creates a nice mood but the color scheme changes to a mix of red, orange and yellow when Oliver gets hit. That’s a nice touch. There’s great work all throughout the issue.


I like the ending quite a bit. Instead of succumbing to fear or hatred, people are hopeful. Tragedy only solidifies their point of view. I appreciate that optimism especially right now.

Benjamin Percy’s dialogue is still strong. The three heroes have quite a bit of solid banter and chemistry. Percy has a good sense of humor about the relationship between Dinah and Ollie and how it’s being played.

While the art is mostly great, there a couple of weird moments for Black Canary in my opinion. On an early page, Dinah’s upper body is facing forward while her lower body is facing to her right so that she can perform an impossible kick. She’s twisting her spine around and it looks awkward. And because most of the art does look somewhat natural, it really stands out. She also looks oddly thin in a couple of places especially the final panel.


Overall, this is a good issue. Despite some issues with Black Canary, the art is amazing otherwise. There’s a lot of great dialogue and action that make this a fun issue. I recommend reading it.


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