Review: Superman Annual #1

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writers: Peter J. Tomasi/ Patrick Gleason
Artist: Jorge Jimenez

While away from Metropolis and back home on the farm, Superman uses this time to reflect and to work on the farm. However something is growing noticeably wrong as nature is slowly dying around him. As Superman searches for answers, he finds himself suddenly attacked by the Swamp Thing!


Although the story starts out slow, I appreciate seeing Superman away from the big city and being home in his roots. However once the action picks up you’re given a great story! I never expected a fight with the Swamp Thing but when it happened it pretty epic! I’ve always been a fan of Swamp Thing so to have him physically stand against Superman was fun and impressive.


The reason for the encounter between Superman and Swamp Thing is not my favorite part. Basically there’s something mentally and psychologically going on with Superman that’s affecting nature and Swamp Thing is there to stop him! There’s more to it, but it seems more confusing than interesting. However the overall story and the fight make up for that.

Superman Annual #1 is a good book that does great work with Superman and Swamp Thing. I enjoyed seeing these two heroes oppose each other, then finally try to help each other. However there is a distrust that exists between them and I hope that we see it unfold further in the future.


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