Review: Batman #12

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Tom King
Pencils: Mikel Janin

Batman is in pursuit of Bane, who has with him the Psycho Pirate, who Batman needs in order to save a mentally broken Gotham Girl! Thanks to a Suicide Squad of Batman’s own choosing he’s successfully infiltrated the island. But the plan goes dangerously south!


King puts Batman’s pursuit of Bane to the forefront of Batman #12. Taking down entire rooms of mercenaries to get to his objective, we’re shown a letter Bruce has written to Selina that shows exactly how Bruce feels about his tireless pursuit of justice. Admitting his love for Catwoman, Bruce ultimately says they can’t be not because she’s opposite of the law but because of ultimately the career path of Batman…it’s suicide. King nails this point right on the head as Batman is seen engaging group after group of armed men.


I have no negatives about this issue at all! If you’re a fan of seeing Batman unleashed and using his hand to hand combat throughout then this is perfect. The artwork by Janin gives life to every blow the Dark Knight deals to each mercenary while in pursuit of Bane.


Batman #12 is a great follow up to the #11, which involved more stealth than combat! Batman’s betrayal by a particular person has led to this drastic change of the plan, and now Batman is fighting to survive! I’m looking forward to seeing Batman’s encounter with Bane in the tunnels beneath Santa Prisca!


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