[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Bryan Hitch
Artists: Neil Edwards, Daniel Henriques & Adriano Lucas

In relation to the hacking of Cyborg and Simon Baz’s ring, every super villain is on the hunt for the Justice League.

The cover by Scott Eaton, Wayne Faucher and Brad Anderson is really cool. Giganta’s fist coming down to pulverize the Justice League is an awesome image and the team displays that power well. Giganta is an underrated villain in my opinion, so I like this cover a lot.


The interior art is good as well. It features pencils by Neil Edwards with inks by Daniel Henriques and colors by Adriano Lucas.The facial expressions are really strong throughout. Wonder Woman’s empathy really comes out through the art. The team also does a fantastic job of creating spectacle once the villains show up. This is the most exciting issue of this run so far and a lot of that is due to the spectacular art during the action.


I like the reveal of what hacked Cyborg and what is happening. It’s essentially a new take on WarGames; the idea that a game can be taken too far and become dangerous. People don’t think of the consequences of their decisions. I like that idea a lot. Additionally, the idea of having a ton of super villains coming after the League is brilliant. They chose mainly lesser known villains but that’s okay. Hitch still has fun with this premise.

This is an excellent issue and definitely the best so far. The story is really interesting with a nice twist and the art is great throughout. The main appeal is that this issue is exciting. I felt a rush of adrenaline reading this. It’s that good and I strongly recommend reading this issue.


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