Review: Nightwing #10

by Matthew Lloyd
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Tim Seeley
Artist: Marcus To
Colorist: Chris Sotomayor

About 20 years ago, Dick Grayson was launched in his first ongoing solo title – Nightwing! And he was based in a city called Blüdhaven. It was written by Chuck Dixon and drawn by Scott McDaniel, and it was wonderful way to finally make Dick Grayson as solo character the A-lister deserved to be. And it worked. Nightwing ran for over 150 issues right up to the launch of the “New 52.” With Nightwing #10 (Volume 4), Seeley and co. have managed to recall the feeling of Nightwing’s first sojourn to Blüdhaven, and it feels good.


This issue acknowledges the fact that the Dick Grayson we’ve seen in the first nine issues was a little off, and this issue shows Dick acknowledging this. It comes in the form of an interior monologue as Dick applies for a volunteer position to help with underprivileged kids in the ‘Haven. He gets the job and retires to his apartment to work on rediscovering himself…. It’s a wonderful scene that employs pop culture moments with “Game of Thrones” being “The Lost World of the Warlord” in the DCU.


It doesn’t take long for police sirens to rouse Dick to action. He ends up taking down Gorilla Grimm (yes he’s one of Grodd’s former players) who claims that he’s been framed. And when Dick follows up on the name he gives it turns out Grimm may be right. That name? Yeah, it was the lady who hired him earlier in the day.

The feel of this book is classic Dick Grayson. If this was the plan all along, then this truly feels like Dick Grayson’s rebirth. The Warlord reference and the Chuck Dixon reference both brought a smile to my face. Dick’s understanding of who he used to be and who’s he’s been lately is especially touching and endearing. The new aspects of this Blüdhaven are enjoyable as well. We see some new cast members that weren’t around for Dick’s time in the ‘Haven 20 years ago, yet the ‘Haven is remarkably familiar.

There are no negatives with classic Dick Grayson.


If the first nine issues of Nightwing weren’t your cup of tea, then this may be the rebirth you’ve been waiting for. The Dick Grayson you remember is here, again.


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