Adam West to Feature Exhibit Art Inspired by ’66 Batman TV Show

Holy paintings Batman! Adam West has done it again, using his creativity to create Batman masterpieces. West has been in the spotlight since his Batman days in the 60s, to Mayor West in the hit TV show Family Guy, and now he’s a pretty damn good painter. West will exhibit a number of painting masterpieces based on his old Batman TV show, entitled “Criminals on Canvas” at Gilman Contemporary from December 21-23. His exhibition will feature his original works along with some newly created prints and characters from the 60s show. West depicts not only original characters but also some imaginary ones from his Bat-psychosis.

West will also be attending opening night at Gilman from 5pm-7pm for an artists reception. There will be a chance to buy one of his works and meet the Caped Crusader himself. West has been creating art for years but only recently began selling and displaying his work in many prestigious galleries all over the country including David W. Streets Gallery and M Modern Gallery, as well as in New York. West’s artwork is very expressionistic and reflects the whimsical attitude he brought to his Bat-performance and to his perception toward life.

My art, like my acting, is a profound expression of poetic license. Laughter is a genuine emotion—I love to make people laugh. I think art should move people, even if it moves them to laughter.

If you happen to be in the area of Gilman Contemporary, 661 Sun Valley Rd. (that’s in Idaho), check out his awesome work, and maybe he brought some Bat-milk and cookies to share?

Shaina Lucas

Hi! I'm Shaina aka the Jokergurl. I've been studying comics (namely Batman) since I was 12 years old, and possibly even before that. My forte is being up on absolutely everything there is to know about the Caped Crusader, and both the Clown Prince and Princess of Crime. I recently graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with an MA in English and Creative Writing. Currently I am earning my MFA at National University. I have 5 cats and 2 dogs, and spend what free time I have doing whatever (mostly Pokémon GO). Have a happy!