[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Francis Manapul
Artists: Emanuela Lupacchino & Ray McCarthy

Looking to the past can be a hurtful experience, especially for those who have suffered. The Trinity is no different. In fact, they may have some of the most hurt-filled pasts possible. While in the grips of Poison Ivy the Trinity have been traveling together in their past lives. This issue focuses on Diana’s past and shows us how the Amazons would treat unknown outsiders, even Amazonian ones.

The tale of this issue is really interesting as it shows the strength and flexibility of the Amazons but also their rigidity to rules. We also get to see Diana’s past, her as a teenager before truly becoming Wonder Woman.

I am happy to note that Emanuela Lupacchino, who worked on the New Talent Showcase #1 story, “Digging Up Demons,” starring Wonder Girl, got to work on this issue. I thoroughly enjoy her art and am glad she has been given more opportunities within DC to put out beautiful art.

This issue felt boring to me as a reader and fan of these characters. While we did get to see Themyscira and Diana before she becomes Wonder Woman, the story itself doesn’t really explore her past. This issue is used primarily to introduce what could be the main or perhaps the secondary villain.

With this issue Francis Manapul has taken some liberties with the classic characters of DC Comics. Mainly this comes in his interpretation of the Black Mercy, an alien plant which attaches to a host or victim and telepathically feeds its host the perfect dream world.

Manapul’s interpretation as we’ve seen is a little different and with Poison Ivy appearing as the one to use the Black Mercy, it is refreshing. I’d never seen that idea even thrown around but it makes amazing sense. Yet it appears as though this is not the case which feels like an amazing idea was thrown out. We will have to wait and see in issue #5 how this all turns out.

The issue was quite dull and played to the more traditional stories of DC Comics. There was and maybe still is a lot of potential for there to be an amazing story in this arc, I just hope it turns out so.

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