Review: Cyborg #7

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: John Semper Jr.

Artist: Paul Pelletier


Betrayed and imprisoned by his former ally and recent friend Variant, Victor is in an increasingly dire situation. Aided by her former CIA partner, the two plan on using Cyborg’s boom tube technology to send their armies to any capital on Earth for surrender.


I really didn’t expect Variant to have betrayed Victor so suddenly like that, especially while she was still being trained on her systems by Cyborg but Semper does a great job of masking the deception, especially in the previous issue. Although betrayed, Cyborg isn’t without a plan of his own and he surprises Variant! However what happens after is a problem for me.


My real complaint about the book is that Cyborg ends up fighting alongside Variant against her former partner when he betrays her! I’d prefer if he would’ve taken her down instead, but Semper goes to a route of Cyborg being one of a kind, and she makes him not that anymore. This is where Cyborg possesses a connection with her almost, and when the CIA steps in to permanently shut her off — since technically she’s a weapon, Cyborg is the most defiant. However there’s still another plan at work, and Semper definitely has me excited about that!


Cyborg #7 is an enjoyable read and helps you understand how ultimately alone Victor feels. Throughout the course of this series no matter who he’s encountered, for better or worse, he’s always been different. The making of Variant changed that for him and made him feel better about himself as well.


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